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Lacy Malone Ryder & Menefee, PLLC advises clients in all stages of developing and managing a business, from formation to transactions and litigation.


Our attorneys work with clients to ensure a successful start to any business venture by counseling them through the formation of corporations, limited liability companies (LLC's), and limited liability partnerships (LLP’s). After the entity is established, our firm assists with preparing and updating corporate policies and procedures, employee handbooks, employee contracts, and non-compete and nondisclosure agreements to mitigate potential liability before any disputes arise.

Find an Attorney: Justin Malone, Tom Ryder, David Menefee, Sam Rosen, Kleber Miller


Because properly carrying out transactional dealings is essential to maintaining a successful business, Lacy Malone Ryder & Menefee, PLLC advises its clients to help them make deals that best suit their interests. This includes preparing, negotiating, and analyzing contracts, buying and selling business interests, and enforcing corporate and business obligations.

Find an Attorney: Justin Malone, Tom Ryder, David Menefee, Sam Rosen, Kleber Miller


Even when proper legal precautions are taken in business dealings, disputes often arise. Our attorneys are prepared to represent clients in a variety of business claims including, but not limited to, breach of contract, fraud, and negligence. In addition, our firm handles employment issues such as allegations of harassment, discrimination, and unjust compensation. Finally, the attorneys at Lacy Malone Ryder & Menefee, PLLC work to collect money owed to our clients using common sense methods, because we understand that no client wants to pay more in legal fees than what they are owed to begin with.

Find an Attorney: Jeff Lacy, Justin Malone

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